Thursday, October 31, 2013

ARTsMART: A Family Affair

Craig and I have been performing our original tunes for the Shasta County Arts Council's ARTsMART since it began many years ago in Redding's Downtown Mall.

We missed last year, because I was in Germany for the birth of our Granddaughter, Lydia Rose Sire:

Still Married will be back in force this year, playing an hour long set at 10:30, Saturday morning at the Mount Shasta Mall. We'll sing some old favorites and several songs from our latest album: Whiskeytown Roadhouse. We'll also be bringing along our daughter, Annie and granddaughter Lydia, who will help haul our gear and cheer wildly keep us smiling.

And since the Friedmans are all about hogging the stage, we'll be back later as spectators, to watch our son, Joe Friedman, dance a duet with Melody Wallace around 4:30 in Mall's Center Court. After his lyrical duet, Joe will crank it up a notch and dance with his Hip Hop Crew around 5:30.  

A sneak preview of Joe and Melody's routine:

Local crafters will be demonstrating and selling goodies to give you a head start on your Christmas shopping. C'mon down to the Mount Shasta Mall  on Saturday -- performances and art all day long.  

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Outdoor Venue for Shasta County Tunes

When I first started writing songs about far northern California, I had a vague notion that the music might be used to help promote the area that Craig and I have come to love and call "home." 

Well, a 'vague notion' isn't worth much (except maybe on a Scrabble board) BUT folks with a plan and website content have moved beyond that nebulous concept, and they've done an admirable job of pairing local music with local outdoor recreation information on a new website.

We are excited and honored to be included, along with several other local musicians, at:

The website is the brainchild of Redding's Sharon Waranius.  She explains:

"Our goal for Shasta Outdoors Recreation is to promote Shasta County to the entire world as an outdoor mecca, with top class recreation and entertainment.

The bright interactive site features a number of recreations spots, amenities, vistas, maps on how to get there, links for more information, videos for enjoyment and original music by local artists to entertain the viewers as they peruse the pages."
In addition to several original tunes from Still Married, the site includes music from:  

Jonathan Foster

Pop on over to ShastaOutdoorsRecreation and check out the bounty of recreational opportunities here in the North State, backed up by North State musicians.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Lights Out

The Whiskeytown Roadhouse had its moment, but the water's rising and time is running out.

The last bottle of Jack and an old, beat-up Gibson guitar. That's all that Dan carries when he takes one last look around and closes the door on The Whiskeytown Roadhouse for the last time.  He walks away to the sound of "Mournful Sighs and Rising Water."

The final song on our Whiskeytown Roadhouse album -- and all the rest of them -- are available for free download at our website:  Whiskeytown Roadhouse. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Parting Glass

It's a rainy Saint Patrick's Day evening at The Whiskeytown Roadhouse. The downpour falls like a curtain and a restless, somber mood hangs over the room.

At the end of the bar, a grizzled old man requests a shot of whiskey and a song: "Something old and sad. Like me."  But he winks and grins as he asks.

Song #9 from The Whiskeytown Roadhouse CD is a traditional Irish tune, The Parting Glass.

Download it for free at our website:  

Friday, October 4, 2013

Bourbon and Bitters

It culminated in an angry, ugly break-up, with cruel missteps and pain.  But once upon a time,  it was a joyful and passionate love affair.

And that's what these two celebrate, at a table in a darkened corner of The Whiskeytown Roadhouse
with a couple of glasses of Jim Beam. They drink to love and memories and everything they were before
"The Bitter End."

Song #7 from The Whiskeytown Roadhouse album is available for free download on the Still Married website.

Click here: The Bitter End.