Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Cardboard Sign

A couple years ago I read “The Last American Man” – Elizabeth Gilbert’s biography of Eustace Conway, a man who escaped to the wilderness, lived off the land and encouraged others to do the same. If you’ve read “Eat, Pray, Love,” then you know Elizabeth Gilbert and she plays a part in Eustace’s story.

Hitching rides is also part of Eustace’s adventure, and at one point, a hitchhiker explains his secret for getting drivers to stop to pick him up. There’s a single word you can write on your sign that virtually guarantees a ride.

I loved the story and filed it away – sure that one day I could turn it into a song.

Craig debuted “The Cardboard Sign” a week ago and he sang it again Saturday at the Whole Earth Festival. As soon as the mixing and mastering are done, it’ll be up on our web site.

Here’s the chorus:

The Cardboard Sign he held to his chest
Told the passersby where he was headed next
The lines on his face said: “Weary to the bone”
His eyes said “Please”
And his sign said “HOME”

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