Saturday, June 28, 2008

Helping the Firefighters

Sherry Ruff posted to the Redding Homeschool email list -

"Finally able to make direct connection with the Fireman's base at the Fairgrounds. They would love to receive fresh fruits & vegetables and snacks. They have plenty of water and Gatorade. Due to the smoke, or other reasons, it may not be convenient for you to drive to the fairgrounds, (there's also an issue with security clearance) but would like to contribute to help out and show your appreciation! We will have a couple of SUV's at the K-Mart (Cypress) parking lot tomorrow to collect donations. You can drop off your fresh fruits/vegetables, snacks, cards & signs from 4-5pm on Sunday 6/29. We will then immediately deliver them to the fair grounds. (they're expecting us) I also asked if our children/families made thank you/encouragement cards if the fireman would receive them. She said, "Absolutely, that would be great!" Sorry for the short notice, but this will be a real blessing to the firemen and the staff at the fairgrounds! Drop Off - Sunday 4-5pm 6/29 K-Mart Nursery Parking Lot (look for Fireman sign) Fresh fruits & vegetables Home made encouraging/ T.Y cards from your children don't forget to sign your name (If the West side of Redding is more convenient to drop off call Sherry/Eric @ 242-0325 If the South side of Redding is more convenient to drop off call Angie/Mike @275-1567"

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