Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Don't I know you from somewhere..."

Deja vu.... an inexplicable - but comforting - familiarity in a stranger's eyes.....the kind of stuff that surprises and mystifies.

At the ripe old age of 48, I'm willing to concede that there are a whole host of things I may never understand, but that doesn't keep me from writing about them.

Pretty Pieces is from our almost-ready-to-be-released CD: Sacramento River Whispers.

We're celebrating with a CD release party on September 27th at Little Filly's in Palo Cedro. Annie joined us on fiddle for this one.

Pretty Pieces

words and music by Erin Friedman ©2008

Not quite a mem’ry
More like a fever dream
Greensleeves, gray mist
Salt sea on our lips
White sails, golden cliffs
Pretty Pieces of a mystery
a mystery


All the Pretty Pieces gather
Fall through the dream catcher
Take their place in the design
Once upon a long ago
Fate spun her kaleidoscope
Scattered all the Pretty Pieces
Like stardust fallin’ from the sky

Minstrel sings of love
Hawk fells a mourning dove
Hidden dell, sudden storm
Ships bell, a distant shore
Fare-the-well, troubadour
Pretty pieces – nothing more for us
for us


clitav said...

Looking forward to hearing this one Thurs night!

Erin said...

Thank you!
Pretty Pieces IS on our set list for Thurday at the North Star Brewery. We'll start at 7 PM. Looking forward to seeing you there.