Saturday, February 14, 2009

Romantic Songs -- Dear ol' Boz

We're spending Valentine's Day weekend with my sister, Nora, and her husband, JB -- just about the cutest couple that Love invented.


They're newlyweds, celebrating their one year anniversary next week. Makes me feel a little nostalgic for the old days -- 1977 -- the year Craig and I met. Our Song was Boz Scagg's We're All Alone.

Way back then, you couldn't put a CD on "repeat" - you had to pick up the needle at the end of the album or flip the tape over - good lord, this was even before auto-reverse tape decks.... I think lovers have it easier now -- nobody needs to get up to fix the music.

Here's a Youtube of We're All Alone. The live version makes me realize that Dear Boz had a voice meant to be managed by recording engineers.....

So what's Your Song? -- The one that takes you back? C'mon - it's Valentine's Day. No better reason to dust off that old album and rekindle that old flame.

Nora and JB's first dance was to You Make Me Feel So Young -- here 'tis. Enjoy. Feel young.


Uncle E said...

Great picks! My bride and I are very fond of Roxy Music's "Avalon" album, and in particular the song "To Turn You On", although Van Morrison's "Brand New Day" was our song at our wedding.
Happy Valentine's day from a fellow Cottonwoodian!

Bruce Greenberg said...

The song Doni and I call our own is Nat 'King' Cole's When I fall in love. Dave Short and his jazz band played it at our wedding as the song when Doni walked down the isle.

After the vows Dave broke into a rendition of Don't get around much anymore. Still makes me smile.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Craig.