Saturday, August 15, 2009

When the well runs dry

I was on a roll for awhile and busily churning out songs. But I haven't written anything new for a couple of weeks (I don't count commercial jingles) and I always get antsy at this point.

IS there another song out there -- will it show itself? Please?

Usually a change of scenery will get the creative juices flowing again -- hiking a new trail, setting out in unfamiliar surroundings -- seems to shock the system into producing something worth working on. At least it has in the past. But I'm curious how other people deal with these dry spells.

A question for you Artist-Creative Types: What do you do when you can't muster any creative thoughts? How do you recharge your artistic batteries?

The Sacramento River Trail has always been good to me, so I'll be heading out there this week. That's where I found this song, "River Whispers," last year:

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