Friday, November 6, 2009

Hoping to Help A Family in Need

Yesterday there was a long discussion over at A News Cafe about how generous the North State community is, and I'm hoping folks will chip in -- even just a little bit -- to help this family. Times are hard everywhere, but Misty Call's request for help especially tugs at my heart.

Misty is a single mom of three boys - homeschooling them and dealing with some difficult health issues. Her oldest son, Dairrien, was born with birth defects and he is headed for a complicated surgery and lengthy stay at Shriner's Hospital at the end of next month.

Misty is hoping to raise money to help pay expenses associated with his hospital stay and care for her middle child while she and her two other boys are away. You can read her story and donate here: Help with Son's Surgery

If you are more comfortable sending donations privately, please email Misty and she will give you a mailing address.

Many thanks.

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