Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cultural Cruise - Original Tunes

North State Songwriters will perform original music as part of the 2010 city-wide Cultural Cruise. We'll be in the lobby of Redding City Hall, starting at 5 PM. View artwork from several local artists and enjoy complimentary refreshments.

On the bill for the North State Songwriters:

5:00 Still Married

5:35 Paul Howell

6:10 Pine Dogz

6:45 David Thompson

7:20 Nick Ciampi

Craig and I are looking forward to playing a couple new songs - always adds a little anxiety and drama to the event. "Dry Lightning" - inspired by the fires of 2008 and "The Hour of the Outlaw" - a story song that has its roots in the Ruggles Brothers legend.

A couple shots from last year's event - Steve and Diana Wallis - Pine Dogz. Diana is a wonderful songwriter and the two of them are a treat to watch:

I think a guy who decorates his upright bass with fuzzy dice and creepy masks should probably not be allowed in City Hall:

More on the Cultural Cruise? Click here.

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