Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On Thursday "I'd Rather be in Redding," Again

They're back!

In town from the Bay Area: Blah Blah Woof Woof. If you like smart, well-crafted songs, you'll show up at the Post Office in Redding's Downtown Mall on Thursday evening (8ish) and enjoy some first-rate songwriting and excellent musicianship from Jay Howlett, Chuck McCabe and Rolfe Wyer.

Chuck was nominated for the Just Plain Folks New Folk Album of the Year for his last release "Creature's of Habit in a World of Change," and his song "Minimum Wager" won the Woody Guthrie Songwriting Competition. Jay Howlett was a finalist in the Kerrville New Folk Competition and wrote the West Coast Songwriters Song of the Year. The stories are compelling and delivered sincerely - with emotion that makes listening a true pleasure. And the three of them seem to have a grand time playing together.

C'mon out and hear Chuck's local anthem: "I'd Rather be in Redding." And maybe this pretty one from Jay:

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