Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Picture Perfect

When I met Craig back in 1977, this was the picture hanging in his bedroom.

Craig had ordered the print (Gray and Gold - by John Rogers Cox) when he was a teenager - because he loved the look of it.

We both grew up in the San Fernando Valley - land of tract homes, swimming pools and cinder block walls -- light years away from this landscape we call home here in Cottonwood. Sometimes we wonder how we ended up here. Maybe it was dumb luck or maybe that picture Craig chose thirty-five years ago set the whole thing in motion.

When we look out from our back patio on days like this, it sure seems like destiny:


clitav said...

There is just something so special about looking out over "anything" with that peacefull life loving feeling, no matter the landscape, cityscape or view before you! Enjoying that "lovin" feeling is what we all strive for no matter the subject that gets us there! :0

Erin said...

So true, Lita! Thanks for stopping by.

Bob Merrick said...

I love this post. Pure perfection! X