Thursday, December 30, 2010

This Year's Word: Forge

This year I'm taking Christine Kane's advice. Kane is a singer-songwriter, and, according to her website: "Mentor to Women who are Changing the World." Kane suggests that instead of making (and breaking) resolutions, we choose a single word for the year - a "word that can guide you to take action." She explains it eloquently on her website: Christine Kane.

I considered what's coming up this year, and I've settled on my word for 2011: "Forge." I'm intrigued and inspired by the image of a fiery cauldron that transforms and creates with the power of heat.

Songwriting -- when I do it right -- requires figuratively going into the flames, wallowing in the embers and ash and coming out with something new and interesting. The process is not pretty or fun and often heavy sweating is involved. The music project I'm working on for 2011 will require a fair amount of time in the fire, and I'm ready.

In these wicked challenging economic times, our business model needs to forge ahead: evolve, grow and change. It will require forging something exciting and new from something old. Not sure what or how. But, hey, those aren't my words this year. ;-)

And dealing with our children as adults - or almost adults - requires forging new ways of parenting and being in the world with them. Not quite as challenging as transforming iron into hardened steel, but sometimes it feels pretty close.

So - as I forge into the New Year, I look forward to seeing how this word guides and inspires me. And I'm wondering if you have a word for 2011. Tell, please....

Whatever your words, your plans and your dreams are for the New Year, I hope your days are filled with love and joy and peace.


skip said...

Forge ahead Erin. The most durable structures are tempered by the flame.

Susan Daugherty said...

Breathe. That word means more to me than just the action of taking oxygen in-and-out. It means taking the time to view, to acknowledge, to savour, to appreciate. It also means taking a second to reflect, to not overreact, to relax, to gain perspective. It may be my word for this decade, actually.

Erin said...

Susan - Love "breathe." Sounds like a perfectly positive outlook on life. Thanks for reading.

Erin said...

Thank you, Skip. Hope 2011 is good to you.

mcca17 said...

Love songwriting,,,wished I could do it..Looking forward to putting one together..thanks for your courage.