Thursday, July 17, 2008

Top 10 Reasons a Mid-life Garage Band is a Good Idea

10 - You own the house, so you don't have to play in the garage.

9 - Kids get out of bed with a little more zip when their parents are pounding out a wall-shaking version of "White Rabbit."

8 - Drop-in company? Not a problem.

7 - Neighbor kids think you're weird -- spend less time raiding your refrigerator.

6 - Cool cowboy hat camouflages receding hairline.

5 - They aren't just "teenagers," they're "live-in roadies."

4 - You don't hear the phone ringing. And it doesn't matter, because it's not for you anyway.

3 - Reluctant students begin to see the advantage of going away to college.

2 - You can turn your wife's volume down. Way down.

And the # 1 reason that a Mid-Life Garage Band is a Good Idea:

"Because I said so" sounds wickedly ominous through a 200-watt PA with a little bit of reverb.


Uncle E said...

Very nice! Let me know when your first gig is and I'm so there! Got a name yet?

Erin said...

Hey, Unc -
Thanks for stopping by. We've been gigging for a couple years as "Still Married" - got a Songwriter Showcase coming up at the North Star Brewery. Would love to see you there. Jim Dyar is one of the featured artists - I think you may know him.

Uncle E said...

Jim Dyer. Hmnnnnn. You know, I've heard tell of Mr. Dyar, but can't quite place the face...didn't he used to write, or something? :)
I'd love to see you guys, and Jim, again!
I did know that you guys have been gigging as "Still Married", I was actually referring to your new garage band name...would love to hear that rendition of "White Rabbit"!
And I'm really enjoying your blog! I stop by all the time.And thanks for the link and responding to my wife's art blog. We really appreciate it. She's starting to post some more of her stuff, even though she doesn't have a lot of time (young kids and all) to create new stuff...