Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bargain Bonanza: Anderson

Thrift Store shopping -- just about the only shopping I really enjoy. It's also an activity that all three kids will enthusiastically join me in.

Yesterday, my 12-year-old son and I discovered a Thrift Store mecca in Anderson.

Joe - who likes to be "stylin'" (NOT a trait he inherited from his parents) -- picked up a perfectly-fitting suit for $1. I found dress shoes for my daughter for 50 cents.

We ran out of time, but we could have spent hours on this block in Anderson -- several stores, with a huge variety of goodies. Nice folks in charge, too.

These shops are conveniently located in a two-block stretch, on East Center Street in Anderson, between South and North Streets.

Etc -- Frontier Senior Center Thrift Store
Memory Lane Collectibles
His Thrift Shop
Margot's Trading Post
Beverly Hills Junk

Just across North Street is the Salvation Army Store

Also in Anderson, at Gateway and Balls Ferry:

The Clothing Exchange
Sacred Heart Thrift Store

Just up the road on 273 at Hill St:
Junk and Treasures

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