Monday, March 9, 2009

Award-Winning Drama in Palo Cedro

Three of Deedee Lundberg's passions will converge this week: her love for theater and writing and her intense commitment to Holocaust remembrance.

Deedee (also known as Dorothy), a busy 17-year-old homeschooler, Shasta College student and playwright, will bring her play, Strains of Fear, to the stage. Deedee's script won a Scholastic National Gold Award and is part of a portfolio that won a Scholastic Regional Gold Key Award and is in the running for a National Award.

Deedee is writer, director and producer of Strains of Fear, and she's honed her skills for many years with the Redding Home School Drama Group. She credits homeschooling with giving her the opportunity to direct her education. "Through my homeschooling freedom, I've been given the chance to combine my love of history, theater, and writing to create and produce several historical plays," says the teen.

This will be Deedee's last play with the group; she is currently sorting through college scholarship offers, and in the Fall she will begin her college career with a double major in Bassoon Performance and International/Peace Studies.

Strains of Fear tells the story of two Jewish siblings as they attempt to survive the war and stay together while making friends and coming to peace with each other. Though set during the Holocaust, the play focuses on important, positive values rather than highlighting the violent atrocities of the time.

The script required children with musical abilities and Deedee found all of the actors she needed for the production within the homeschool community. "I was incredibly lucky to know so many wonderful young multi-talented actors who were happy to come aboard the project. "

Strains of Fear can be used to introduce elementary-age children to the Holocaust while helping to nurture in them a compassionate and tolerant attitude toward others. The play deals with themes such as family, bravery, loyalty, and love. Elements of humor and music are interwoven throughout the scenes, and teens and adults will also enjoy the show.

The play will be staged on March 13th and 14th at 7:30 PM at:

Palo Cedro Church of Christ
21895 St Francis Way
West of Deschutes, south of Foothill High School

Admission is free.

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