Monday, April 20, 2009

Market and Trivia

Shasta County Arts Council and Cottonwood Creek Watershed Group present a year-round Farmers Market in historic Downtown Cottonwood.

Head out to Main Street, near Etc. Mercantile this Friday evening and enjoy arts and crafts, food, fresh produce and live music. The event runs from 3 - 7.

We LOVE to play in our hometown - should be great fun.

Here's the musician schedule:

4-4:45 Pine Dogs (Diana and Steve Wallis)

5-5:45 Still Married

6-6:45 Cactus and the Rose

Are you planning to be there? Be the first to post the correct answer to the question below, and I'll give you one of our CDs on Friday evening at the Farmers Market.

Yes, I KNOW it's a lame prize. But you'll get the CD and all the glory that goes with being a winner.

Here you go:

What is Still Married's most requested song?

1 comment:

Erin said...

We have a winner! - She posted the correct answer: "Shut Up" on Facebook.