Monday, May 4, 2009

Cottonwood and Cowboys

It's Rodeo Week in Cottonwood -- here's a cowboy song inspired by living in a place where the west is still a little wild:

Cowboy on Her Mind
© Erin Coombs Friedman

In a high-rise corner office
She’ll crunch numbers for the bosses
Spend all day working on the bottom line
It’s the long ride home that does it
DJ says, “Here’s Lyle Lovett”
And she’ll spend tonight
With a Cowboy on Her Mind

And the Cowboy on Her Mind
Is the brave and wild kind
Could not be tamed -- Lord knows she tried
Silver buckle – Cuervo Gold
“Cowboy Man” on the stereo
On her own with a Cowboy on Her Mind

Her ghostly hero rides in
She takes her place beside him
Taste the kisses mixed with salt and lime
The man she lost in Colorado
Will be gone again tomorrow
But she’ll spend tonight
With a Cowboy on Her Mind

Details on Rodeo Week and all the activities are available here.

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