Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Honors at Arlington Honored

I attended today's County Supervisors meeting. I was deeply moved by a presentation made to men who are getting ready to ride across the country, to Arlington, to see that the cremains of three veterans are laid to rest with honor and respect.

You can read the story here:

And attend the send-off celebration on May 20th - details below.

from the blog: miapblog

Redding Vets Hall
20 May 09

Lunch (suggested donation for tir-tip or chicken $7): 11 am to 1 pm

Ceremony Start Time: 12:00 Noon

Location: Redding Vets Hall, Yuba Street

Welcome: (Jim Gibson)

Invocation: Don Mangrum

Pledge of Allegiance: (TBD)

Remarks/Presentations: (Mayor Bosetti and Shasta County Supervisor)

Honors at Arlington Mission: (Fred Salanti)

Benediction: Mary Turner

Ceremony End Time: 12:30

MIAP Escort Team Departure Time: 1:00 PM

Read more about the Missing in America Project here.

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