Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas gets Ugly in Cottonwood

Too tired to come up with yet another Festive Holiday Party Outfit?

Not a problem for us last night -- we headed over to our neighbors' house for their Annual Ugly Sweater Party.

It's a lot of fun. No getting glamoured-up, no squeezing into that slinky black dress, no holding your stomach in all night.

Everyone gets seriously into Ugly Mode:

"Mine's uglier!"

"That one's tacky, but not really ugly."

"Oh, wow. That is hideous."

We were shooting for the Ugliest Couple Prize this year -- we thought we had a chance:

We didn't even come close.

A burly man in a women's sequined Christmas sweater trumps the extra-large vomit-colored golf sweaters. The bar has been raised, and and next year we intend to win. There will be sequins.

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