Saturday, December 27, 2008

One Less Mullet in Shasta County

My husband came home sans ponytail last night. Apparently, five years of dealing with tangled, curly tresses is Craig's limit.

He stopped cutting his hair when we started playing music together -- it gave him a renegade-pirate look. Or maybe it was just an old-hippie-look. But it worked for me - I think bass players should have a slightly rakish persona.

But lopping off his hair was not enough. Craig also trimmed his beard short. So now my husband, who turns 50 in a couple months, looks about 14 years old.

Joe, my smart-mouthed kid said: "It's OK, Mom. If you cut your hair and trim your beard, you'll look younger, too."


Craig: "It's alright, honey. I'll get one of those shirts with the arrow that says: 'THAT'S NOT MY MOTHER.'"


Anonymous said...

My Christmas wish came true! :-)

When do we get to see photos?? xo

doni said...

Yes, photos! (Erin, your appearance is so youthful you barely look old enough to be your kids' mom, let alone Craig's.)