Monday, March 8, 2010

And the Oscar for best perfomance by a Christmas Decoration goes to....

......Drosselmeyer, the plastic owl.

During December, our owl perches at the top of our Christmas tree:

The rest of the year he bides his time in the front hall. But last week he was conscripted to duty just outside the front door. His mission: Keep those blasted, messy chickens from soiling our front porch.

Drosselmeyer has taken to his new role as "Menacing Bird of Prey" with relish, and the chickens have abandoned the porch for more hospitable stomping grounds. The front porch is litter-free.

Or maybe it's a coincidence and the hens are having a good chicken-chuckle behind my back. Whatever. I am considering a few more owls. Or maybe fewer chickens.

Here's our one-and-only chicken song, dedicated to those feisty critters:

You tube link: Here.

Possum in the Hen House
words and music © Erin Coombs Friedman

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