Saturday, March 13, 2010

Music You Can Sink Your Teeth Into....

That's Whole Wheat Radio.

It's a hardy, flavorful treat after a bland diet of mainstream radio's fluffy Wonder Bread.

From the WWR website:

"Whole Wheat Radio is a homegrown grassroots online radio station originating from Talkeetna, Alaska."

"We feature the music of 2,794 truly talented independent artists who appreciate the opportunity to have their 43,500 songs be heard on a funky, non-traditional webcast. We've had over 19,092,527 listens to the more than 885,083 tunes we've played."

Every time I listen, I hear delightful, interesting new stuff. You can request music, submit CDs for play and interact with other listeners - cool folks who appreciate and enjoy indie music. They've even played a few "Still Married" tunes.

I added a Whole Wheat Radio button to my blog and a WWR player to my Facebook page. Every time I listen, I'm entertained and amazed by these talented artists. I marvel at this era we're living in - where artists can share music with the whole world, by way of a tiny town in Alaska, with just a few clicks.

Log in and listen for a bit - I promise you'll hear something flavorful and delicious.

Whole Wheat Radio

Still Married Page on Whole Wheat Radio

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