Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'd Rather Be in Redding: On Thursday

Chuck McCabe's clever song "I'd Rather be in Redding" has played on KPIG, circulated through email boxes and entertained locals. Chuck will be in town this week, performing at The Post Office in the Downtown Mall this Thursday evening, starting at around 7 ish.

Here's a YOUTUBE video of "I'd Rather be in Redding" -- c'mon down to the Post Office this week and hear it live. 25,000 youtube listeners can't be wrong.

Also playing with him will be Jay Howlett and on bass, Rolfe Wyer. In the Small World Department: Twenty-some years ago, back when I lived in San Mateo, Rolfe was my first songwriting instructor.

Enjoy the tune:

More on Chuck McCabe: HERE.

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