Friday, April 2, 2010

Name That Booth Contest

My dream is to someday have a real recording studio - carefully constructed, acoustically balanced and decorated for warmth and inspiration. Until then, we've made-do with a large open music room -- a room with high ceilings, recessed lofts, glass doors and windows and a gas stove with a stovepipe that rattles when we play certain notes - an acoustic disaster.

There's no dream recording studio in my immediate future, but Craig DID build me a sound booth - in an effort to add some warmth and depth to our vocal recordings. As is Craig's custom, he used material we had on hand - packaging foam, bubble wrap and PVC.

We set it up yesterday and singing inside it is a bit like having a gig in the Emerald City. Or an aquarium.....

The Bubble Wrap ceiling looks a little bit like clouds, if you squint:

I'll be spending a lot of time inside this green cave, so it needs a name.

Here's the contest: Leave me a comment with your suggested name for my new recording booth. I'll bake a batch of Coconut Shortbread Cookies (trust me - these are amazing) for the person who comes up with the VERY BEST name. Decision of the judge (that's me) is final.

Give it your best shot, pretty please. I'll preheat the oven.....

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