Tuesday, September 16, 2008

900,000 pounds of trash

No - it's not a commentary on election year mud-slinging.

It's the amount of debris picked up by volunteers during last year's Coastal Clean-Up event.

The fearless leader of the Redding chapter of Roots and Shoots, Karen Scheuermann, is seeking volunteers to pick up trash and recyclables at Whiskeytown beaches this Saturday, September 20th, from 9 until noon. Show up at the Whiskeytown Visitor's Center at 9 AM for assignments - all are welcome.

Our beautiful Whiskeytown Park has had a rough summer - here's a chance to help her.

We're giving away free downloads of The Lost Falls of Whiskeytown this week in honor of this volunteer event.

Here's 'tis:

The Lost Falls of Whiskeytown

music and lyrics:© Erin Coombs Friedman

Our morning coffee comes with heavy silence
In the nighttime we find refuge in our dreams
Like some mid-life cliché
We sleepwalk through the day
While the love of a lifetime slips away

They finally found
The Lost Falls of Whiskeytown
They found crystal caverns
Buried deep beneath the ground
A fortune in gold
In a mountain of stone
Surely we can find the love we lost
Right here at home

I used to find an open invitation
In your eyes and in your tender touch
Like a postcard from a lonely place
You’re so far away these days
And I’m trying to find a reason I should stay

Too much to lose –- too much at stake
I’ll find my way back to you –
Whatever it takes

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