Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why read the fine print?

Because you may discover that the citrus cologne that you got such a great deal on is actually room freshener.

And yes - I've been using it for a week. Reminding people, I'm sure, of a grapefruit-scented hotel washroom.


clitav said...

LOL Did I pass you in Holiday last week? It's okay, my perfume of the day twice the same week was flea soap! HAHAHA!
Smell On!

clitav said...

Hey, did I pass you in the Holiday last week? LOL! That's okay, I was the one that smelled like Flea Soap! HAHAHA!

Erin said...

If it was the Holiday in Cottonwood, and the woman in question had a confused look on her face and smelled vaguely of grapefruit, it was probably me.
Thanks for reading and good luck with that flea soap!