Sunday, January 11, 2009

Concert Wrap Up

We had a blast last night at the Art Hop Kick Off Concert - what a warm and wonderful crowd. The folks at Backyard Destinations went over and above the call of duty to make it a fabulous party.

Great energy throughout the room and so nice to see folks out and about to celebrate art here in the North State. Our kids (who are usually less than enthusiastic about our gigs) enjoyed themselves tremendously - so it was a thumbs-up all around.

Our daughter Annie is a talented musician, a brilliant student, a formidable Scrabble opponent and an award-winning pastry chef. And she is, quite possibly, the worst band photographer of all time.

If anyone has any photos of the concert last night - crowd pics or others -- that I can slap up on my website, I'd give you full photographer credit and my undying gratitude.

Email me: erin at stillmarried dot net

Thanks to all who came out to Art Hop -- wonderful fun. Looking forward to next month.

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