Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Girl in 14G

When we got in the car the other day, Annie popped a CD in the player: "You've gotta hear this."

The artist is Kristin Chenoweth -- I was clueless (now there's something new) -- but Annie filled me in. A stage and television actress with a long resume - Chenoweth is beautiful and sings like the powerhouse stage-stars of days gone by.

And the gal has fun -- fun with the lyrics and with her voice. Her performance in this clever song, The Girl in 14G gives you a taste of her very captivating stage presence:


Bob Merrick said...

You don't know Kristin??? We need to broaden your horizons... she's FABULOUS! xo

Erin said...

You know I've always been a clueless twit - that's why I need hip people like you in my life.

xo right back